[NTLK] MoreInfo like app for OS X

From: Rolf Meijer (rolf_at_karu.nl)
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 01:34:42 PST

Hello all,

This is slightly off-topic, but than again it's not ;-)

I'm currently switching from an eMate to a powerbook. The one thing I'm
really missing is a MoreInfo-like package for OS X. Not a seperate
application with it's own calender and address book but one which uses
the built in iCal and Addresbook packages and adds an extra "layer"
which connects the data from both apps, indeed, much like MoreInfo does
on the Newton. The only program I found so far is crm4mac
(www.crm4mac.com), but it's features are rather basic. Maybe someone on
this list happens to have a useful tip?

Rolf Meijer

Studio Karu * www.karu.nl
So! webapplicaties * make-it-so.info
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