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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 23:29:22 PST

on 07/12/04 01:08, Ed Kummel at wrote:

> I don't believe that this will work with the Newton. I
> don't know how dyndns works, but I think that an app
> needs to be loaded on the server...Laurent knows this
> for sure because he uses it.
> In order to serve individualy from two seperate IPs,
> you will need to update the DNS to point the the
> respective IP whenever you switch...and with some DNS
> servers taking up to 72 hours to propagate and some
> caching servers holding DNS information for as long as
> 9 days (sometimes even longer) it would be pointless
> to do this. My suggestion is that you have ANOTHER
> server on each of the IPs. Turn off hosting when you
> are at that site and redirect from the other IP to the
> primary site...then just switch when you move. It will
> be a pain, but it should work. Youll need three
> servers for this to work...two desktop servers and
> your NPDS.

DynDNS would work on a Newton, except that I also run a background process
that monitor my dynamic IP address. As soon as it changes, the process
contacts the DynDNS server to update their database so that they always
point to my server. There is no such software on the Newton. Without this, a
user would have to manually monitor the IP address given to its network by
his provider and then upgrade the DynDNS database. Doable, but you might
have your system unavailable from time to time...


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