[NTLK] NCU problems

From: Paul Jerry (pajerry_at_memlane.com)
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 14:03:48 PST

Hello all again,

I am having problems getting NCU to work & I'd appreciate some feedback.
Here's what I have & what I can do:

WinXP laptop @ 2.4 GHz
Belkin usb-serial adaptor
Newt 2100

I have xport (from way back when I used a 120 daily) and I can load
packages onto the Newton, and I can upload notes (.txt files etc) so i
know the serial connection works.

What I'd like is to be able to create a backup using NCU (mainly to try
the synch with lotus and to have the 'security' of a backup on more than
just a 10 year old card), but each time I try, it times out as a
communication error (-1).

I have tried:

slowdown (even multiple copies)
UARRT on and off (as noted in the Wiki)
ser57000.pkg / ncu hack

...and no luck. What have I missed?


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