Re: [NTLK] Newton memories issues

From: Coleff, Patrick (
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 05:35:42 PST

Hrm...the thing is, I had this running for a short bit. I was able to
e-mail, browse the web (on Courier), and use AIM, all with no problems. Then
-poof- it started giving me this error message. I know that a MP2000 is not
as good as a 2100, but right now I don't have anything on it except the bare
essentials to run an wifi setup and I'm still getting this message.

I'm just suprised that even resetting did nothing. Do you think my RAM is
going bad? How can one tell on something like that?
I'm two steps away from giving up on Wifi, selling this guy, and going back
to the simply joys of my MP120, but I figured I'd give it another shot.


>> Even through 2(!) hard resets and just loading on NIE 2.0, ethernet
>> setup,
>> WiFi Drives, More Wifi drivers, and MailV, to check, it still gave me
>> the
>> "not enough memory.."

>It sounds like you push your 2000 very hard.
>A 2100 should take this easily but basically a 2000 is short on memory.

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