[NTLK] Newton memories issues

From: Coleff, Patrick (patrick.coleff_at_thomson.com)
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 09:30:02 PST


I've been working on trying to get my Newton MP2000 running with WiFi. At
one point, I had it all going: mail, AIM, browsing, etc. Then, when trying
to browse, I got the message "There is not enough memory to complete that
operation". So, I restarted. Didn't help. Now, everything that once worked,
does not. Everything I tried, involving the internet (didn't try other
things), didn't work.

I eventually decided to just do a hard reset and start from scratch.
Even through 2(!) hard resets and just loading on NIE 2.0, ethernet setup,
WiFi Drives, More Wifi drivers, and MailV, to check, it still gave me the
"not enough memory.."

These are things that once worked and i have no idea what more I can do to
start everything from scratch or what would be causing this problem, as I do
have plenty of memory for things like this.

thanks much

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