Re: [NTLK] No sound on MP2kU. As if on mute.

From: jono (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 11:08:57 PST


I had this problem on my 2100. Merely unplugging the speaker connector
and plugging it back in had the desired effect.of reinstating sound
playback. No soldering required but I had to take the back off as
described in Victor's reply.


Jake Bordens wrote:

>Hi there.
>After a few days of using my Newton again, the sound seems to have
>stopped working. No audio at all. The volume slider works, but
>doesn't seem to do anything. Recording and playback in the Notes app
>seems to record but it doesn't play back. It seems like the device is
>on 'mute'.
>I actually had this problem when I first took my MP2kU out of the
>drawer after almost a year of laying dormant. However, after a few
>resets, it seemed to start working again... so I didn't give it a
>second thought.
>I've done a full hard reset and sound has not returned. Does anyone
>have any other ideas? I've tried many resets of all different types
>and combinations.... so far to no avail.

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