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From: Oliver Brose (
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 06:13:54 PST

>Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:06:58 -0500
>From: PaulMmn <>

>If you look at the pen tablets from (insert forgotten company name
>here), including the version that has overlain the display screen
>with the pen surface (gee-- sounds like a Newton, no?) the
>manipulation of the GUI (desktop GUI included) can be performed by
>the pen on the screen. The missing piece is still the keyboard
>interaction / handwriting recognition.

Me wrote:

> >>
> >The old problem is still there though: OSX has a desktop GUI, not a
> >pen-based one.

Just asking kindly, could you please post *below* the text you quote?

Well, "those pen tablets" is not very precise, are you talking about
some kind of MS-TabletPC? Or do you mean the WaCom Cintiq? Of course
a GUI can be operated with a pen, everything you equip with a
touchscreen can. The problem is whether the GUI is *meant* to be
operated with a pen, or whether that turns out to be an inefficient
and therefore frustrating task. Think about having to operate your
Newton with a mouse instead of the pen (ignoring handwriting).

Oliver :)

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