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From: RAParker (RAParker_at_Quadzilla.NET)
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 14:02:30 PST

A cleaner (maybe) repost of my previous message --

On Sunday, December 12, 2004, at 08:21 PM, Mark Jozaitis wrote:

> Hello All,
> Just wondering on some things here... Maybe you could
> all let me know what applies to you...
> =95 What Computer Do you Use you Newton(s) with?
> - IE Mac or PC

> =95 What OS are you Using?
> - IE Windows, Unix, AU/X, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Apple II,
> Basic, Fortran 77, etc...

A chance to brag? oh yeah, count me in.

Answer: Nearly all the above. But, I'm an Apple man and have been since=20=

using my first Mac Plus in 1986.

My development lab (read: home office and classroom) has a tower of 4=20
computers, stacked neatly in the corner (aka: QuadzillaNET). There are=20=

also a couple of other computers strategically placed on other desks in=20=

the office.

Standing in the right corner, Quadzilla: "Spitting fire into the face=20
of obsolescence" and with "More processing power than some third world=20=


Going from top down, right to left:

I have my main workhorse: A Power Macintosh G4/500AGP running OS X.

Under that is my classic-retro-case-mod-project, almost completed. It's=20=

a Compaq Deskpro 386/20 case (cir. 1985), that has been rebuilt with=20
two independent power supplies. First, it is no longer a 386/20. It's=20
been updated with an HP/Compaq ATX motherboard with an AMD-K6-500. It=20
will be running OpenBSD when it's finished. Its other function will be=20=

as an independent, external Firewire drive case, complete with a 500GB=20=

of Hard Drive space, and two optical drives, a CD-RW and DVD+RW.=20
Multiple Firewire Drives, available for use by the rest of the network.

Below that, two Quadra 840av's that provide support, both literally and=20=

figuratively. They are each running NetBSD. One of the 840av's=20
functions as a Firewall/Router for the whole network, sharing my DSL=20
connection and protecting me from the big, bad internet. The other=20
840av (donated by Matthew Reidsma, thank you again Matthew !-) is a=20
dial up server for (my) other Newtons.

My personal Newton 120 is setup with GoFetch Shell Transport and it=20
dials into the server, which connects it via telnet to my pop and smtp=20=

servers, using my DSL connection through the firewall/router.=20
Essentially, all this power exists to provide other Newtons with email=20=

capabilities (see projects below) and to teach me Unix.

Under my 17" display is a PowerBook Duo 2300c with Duo Dock. Most of=20
the time it simply acts as a monitor stand. But, upon a moments notice,=20=

I can hit the eject key and I have a Macintosh PowerBook, already for=20
service when I need to do some programming at a remote location.

All of these computers are networked and connected to a 4-Port USB KVM=20=

(tip: hot items these days). One Keyboard, to rule them all. One=20
monitor, to see them all. One QuadzillaNET, to power them all.

Over in the other corner, on the other desk, is a Compaq Professional=20
Workstation AP400 (soon to be a dual processor 700Mhz Pentium III) and=20=

it's running Windows XP. Why? Because you can't be Windowless in this=20
computing world and still call yourself a Network Security Specialist.

> =95 How old are you
> - IE You don't have to answer this one if your
> old:)...


> =95 What Newton Are you useing
> - 100, Proto, 130, 2100, 2000u, eMate, etc.

(2) Newton 120's - One is a version 1.3 - All those jokes about the=20
Newton not recognizing your handwriting are true.

> =95 Are you looking for more for your Newton
> * If yes what?

Eventually, I will be buying a Newton 130, for the extra RAM and=20
backlighting. One day, I wouldn't mind getting a cell phone that I can=20=

connect my Newton's wirelessly to my network. I've also been purchasing=20=

some components for my GPS Newton (see projects below). Otherwise, I'm=20=

quite happy with the form factor of the 120 & 130. Maybe a 2100,=20
someday. But, it would have to be a sweet deal, with lots of extras,=20
for under $100, and at a moment when I have an extra $100 that I'm not=20=

dumping into my other projects.

Main Project: Providing a dial-up service for other Newton users. A=20
big, lofty goal, but I'm almost there. I recently updated my 840av's to=20=

the latest version of NetBSD and, in the process, broke some=20
dependencies in the software packages. Can't seem to get all the pieces=20=

recompiled successfully. Ugh! More delays...more studying.

Secondary Project: Maxing out QuadzillaNET. In fact, you might be able=20=

to help with this one, IF you have "wholesale" purchasing power. I'm=20
planning on purchasing several master/slave capable, IDE to Firewire=20
Bridge Boards, to maximize the available drive space and desk space in=20=

my office. The 2-840av's are doing great but they take up a lot of=20
space and still have power and room to spare (so-to-speak). I will be=20
buying 4-6 250GB IDE Hard Drives and installing them in pairs, within=20
the cases of the 840av's and the Compaq 386/20, using the IDE to=20
Firewire Bridge Boards.

Third Project: The v1.3 Newton MP120 is currently being decked out in=20
an army camouflage case (thanks to eBay and "his_geekness"). It is=20
going to be turned into a Lake Tahoe area hiking tool. A GPS, complete=20=

with moving topographical hiking maps of Lake Tahoe, a GMRS radio, and=20=

USB LED Flashlight.

Final Goal: A dial-up server, for all Newton users, the world wide,=20
with 1 Terabyte of online storage space. bwaaahahahaha! It's alive!=20

> =95 What do you mainly use your Newton for?
> * and why?

My current v2.0 MP120 is my day planner, todo list manager, note=20
jotter, ebook, etc.
Why? Because the Newton does it and does it well.

> =95 What country do you live in?


Oh, and thanks! I'm happy you asked about my Newton setup ;-)


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