Re: [NTLK] Atari 2600 emulator - possible?

From: Goodwin, Greg (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 07:10:27 PST

        Speaking as a avid Atari fan, I would say that I love this idea.

        Now what is possible? I would have to research the various code
out there. A C+ code would of course be the most portable (from one
system to another) but by rule, the Atari 2600 had unique chips that
have to be emulated as well, this usually requires, surprisingly I know,
a fast computer to emulate with any effectiveness.
        Which leaves us with the option of assembly language. Always
the best for emulation, always a pain in the tushi.

        May I bring up another alternative in the meantime?

        I understand the need to bring a little Atari onto the Newton,
and at this link I'm about to give you will find Atari mod music, fonts,
backdrops, and mention of the Z-interpreter (to play Zork, etc).

        Granted to me, the Atari bits I like are the Atari 800 (my
favorite desktop and serial keyboard for my Newton) and the Atari
Jaguar. So there are a lot of materials from those there.

        May I suggest one other thing?

        Though I cannot find the English site, you can probably download
and try out ASMA. It is kinda like the SID player on the Commodore 64
that lets you play all the old tunes off the Atari computer games.

        I think they have source code for that and that it has been
ported to PC, Mac, Linux, Amiga, ST, Dreamcast, and Gamepark 32. So why
not Newton? :)

      And of course you can play variations of Atari games on the
Newton, and while the Newton versions leave a lot to be desired, you can
play Space Invaders, Asteroids, Joust, Frogger, and so on. (Though
Joust is called like "Birds with Lances" or something dumb like that.)

        Well, take care!

Doctor Clu
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