[NTLK] Baseball Caps & NewtMEDIA - We would like some feedback

From: Luiz Petroni (lpetroni_at_compassoarte.com.br)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 04:46:27 PST

Hello All,

Sometime ago there was a lot of talking about the free Newton Baseball
Cap that Mr. Wilber was kindly offering for free to our community (only
charging for the shipping cost). His idea, for what I could understand,
was to give a gift back to the community and IIRC he produced and
shipped a fixed number of units and informed that it was his intention
to stop at that point.

At that same time we were also starting to offer baseball caps but
decided to wait in order to not cross promote the same item to the

The announcement of NewtMEDIA:

was made in the beggining of December and we start selling our Newton
Baseball Cap as our first Newton merchandise item.

So far we received no feedback, be it positive or negative or any order
for our baseball caps.

We suppose that this is due to one of three facts that we list below
and for what we would very much appreciate in receiving feedback from
the community:

The cap is not free - it has a price tag of US$14.06 for cap + intl.
shipping thru airmail.
We're producing this caps in very small quantities and this is not our
main activity so we are using our spare time (mostly during the night)
to set up our web site and design of new items and our price is
basically used to the return of production costs, cardboard boxes for
shipping, papers, gasoline/telephone costs and handling costs for the
packages. Shipping costs (with insurance) are from mail services and
are directly transfered to the buyer.

Although we are not specialized in this kind of product we did our best
to offer the community a product of good quality in materials and

Maybe we misunderstood all the talking about Newton baseball caps and
directed our efforts to the wrong item.

Maybe there are other reasons and we would like to hear from you.

We are currently in the final design steps for a NEWTON DESKSTAND and a
NEWTON BAG and will start contacting partners to produce the itens or
will buy the tools & materials to produce them in our facilities in the
following weeks. We would very much appreciate to know if this will be
of any interest of the community before we continue to spend time and
efforts in this direction.


Luiz Petroni
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