Re: [NTLK] Baseball Caps & NewtMEDIA - We would like some feedback

From: Eckhart Köppen (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 12:32:19 PST

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:46:27 -0200, Luiz Petroni wrote:
> The cap is not free - it has a price tag of US$14.06 for cap + intl.
> shipping thru airmail.

Hi Luiz,

the price is ok, but the shipping costs are high. Unfortunately,
there's probably not much you can do about it... but I guess once you
offer other items as well (the desk stand sounds interesting!), it
could be more tolerable if one orders more than one item. If I'd order
a desk stand, I'd probably get a cap as well. Amd then, how about a
nice leather case?

I definitely appreciate that there is somebody looking into accessories
like this, because this area is something where you can't just take
things made for other platforms. At least not that easily.


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