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From: Luiz Petroni (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 10:42:45 PST

Thanks for the reply Matt,

> I agree with Neal that hardware accessories are needed much more than
> 'lifestyle enhancements' (hats, etc).
That's the kind of suggestion we are looking for.

> It seems to me that Wilbur made his
> announcement first, and you guys copied his idea, to make a buck.
For what I understand you are saying that nobody can offer baseball=20
caps to this community except Mr. Wilber and if someone decide to also=20=

offer such item, he/she is stealing an *original* idea to the sole=20
purpose of making a buck? Is this what are you saying?

How do you imagine that we will "make a buck" selling maybe 10 or maybe=20=

20 Newton Caps?

Our idea was to start producing an item that was easier and faster to=20
produce, have some appeal to a Newton collector, could be produced at=20
reasonable price (at least covering all production/shipping costs).=20
This would give us opportunity to set a web site, contact and develop=20
partners for this and other future projects and direct profit (if any)=20=

to our NewtBITS digital magazine (for buying hardware items or software=20=

for reviews, for example) and also to the pay development time for the=20=

said "hardware accessories". If this is "make a buck", than we are in=20
this to "make a buck".

> If your 'company' can create an ORIGINAL and USEFUL hardware product,=20=

> as Neal
> alluded to, then you will likely receive some response to your product
> offerings.

Why did you put company under apostrophes?
The name of our company is Compasso Arte Editora=E7=E3o Ltda. - It's=20
officially registered and fisically located in Sao Paulo/Brazil. We=20
have 6 employees, 4 PowerMacs, 2 Powerbooks and 1 Newton and our=20
facilities also have the necessary tools and area to produce our=20
merchandise items externally or internally. We are finishing moving our=20=

office and, as soon as we have everything set we will publish some=20
photos in the Contact area of our website. We work with desktop=20
publishing, Acrobat PDF forms and we have one person fully dedicated to=20=

producing general gifts and promotional items to our clients. Our =20
clients are Samsung Brazil, Roche Brazil, Gradiente Brasil, Sendo=20
Brazil, among others.

> PS It would be refreshing to see a few more people posting on this=20
> list with
> ideas and contributions for the benefit of the Community. Seems like=20=

> we've
> seen quite a bit of shilling lately...

As I really like using my Newton I thought this was a way to contribute=20=

to the community.

Unfortunately we are unable to produce a baseball cap, desk-stand or=20
anything else and send it to your home for free. We have third party=20
partners to pay, one employee to make all commercial contacts, handling=20=

and shipping, mail services, etc.

Rest assured that if we were in this only to make money we have not=20
even started. We receive payments thru PayPal and we can not legally=20
transfer the money directly to a Brazilian Bank - our idea is to use=20
the money to buy items from other members to use them in reviews and=20

We currently have a desk-stand and a newton bag under design (our=20
prototype for the bag will be ready next week). We will publish photos=20=

until the end of december.

Our fear is that these items will not be free and will have shipping=20
costs ranging for US$15~US$30.
If the feedback we will get is that we are trying "to make a buck" even=20=

with a small market as this community is, then it's better to redirect=20=

our efforts to other direction.

Luiz Petroni
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