[NTLK] Win XP text xfer to the 2100 via Bluetooth

From: Doug P (dougp_at_ispinn.com)
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 10:25:11 PST

If anyone is currently transferring text from XP to the Newt (via Bluetooth, I/O, and IC/VC) please contact me offline.

I can't seem to get my text notes to transfer to the Newt and I've got an itch to fitch...uh...fix it. XP says it's timing out on trying to create an FTP session, and I'm stumped not knowing what to investigate.

Funny...I don't have any problem transferring from my G4 to the Newt via Bluetooth, I/O, and IC/VC, but need help with the Windows xfer.



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