Re: [NTLK] Survey/Poll for the Newton People...

From: NewtonMP - Paul Curtis (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 19:45:35 PST

Hello All,
Just wondering on some things here... Maybe you could all let me know =
applies to you...

=15 What Computer Do you Use you Newton(s) with?
* I use it as a stand alone computer.

=15 What OS are you Using?
* I use Win XP Pro, but not with the Newton

=15 How old are you
* > 20 < 60

=15 What Newton Are you using
* 110, 120, 130, (3)2100's, soon a NotePhone, boy do I wish Frank could
squeeze a 2100 mb into my 130 case!

=15 Are you looking for more Newton's
* Any collectables, now I'll be searching for any clear cased Newton's =

=15 What do you mainly use your Newton for?
* I use it for MPG, Grocery lists and the Financial Calculator. It does
these tasks exceedingly well.

=15 What country do you live in?
* United States

=15 And of course any thing you would like to add to this...

If I only had enough wealth to finish my website and build =
Newton Museum...

Paul Curtis

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