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From: Sonny Hung (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 06:27:32 PST

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:12:56 -0800, Martin Joseph
<> wrote:

> The two boards aren't similar at all as far as there shape/layout...

Gathering from all the prior conversation/threads regarding the two
Newtons there are many issues.

The most apparent major factors all relate to the ROM:
1) Use of the LCD/Digitizer from the eMate with the MP2x00
2) Processor differences.
3) Keyboard (additional keys for eMate 300).
3) PCMCIA Slots (requiring major mods possibly).

Just to mention the top of the list.

I wonder though if anyone has ever considered trying to replace the
exterior shell of the MP2x00 with a customize Plexiglas one? I
unfortunately do not have the technical skills nor the equipment to
try this, but if I had I'd be willing to give it a go.

It wouldn't be as elegant as the original shell but could be a nice
project for those with the equipment and time...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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