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From: Adriano (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 08:15:23 PST

Hi all

Sonny wrote:

"I wonder though if anyone has ever considered trying to replace the
exterior shell of the MP2x00 with a customize Plexiglas one? I
unfortunately do not have the technical skills nor the equipment to try
this, but if I had I'd be willing to give it a go.
It wouldn't be as elegant as the original shell but could be a nice
project for those with the equipment and time..."

I did it, some days ago, i explain it better. The first idea was to
replace -everything- of an eMate just put in its case all i need of a
- motherboard
- keyboard
- lcd
- PCMCIA slots

so i bought a eMate from eBay at the cheaper price i could, just to
take out the case everything to make space for the MP2100 parts.
[In my project both the MP2100 PCMCIA slots would have been accessible
from the eMate battery slot, and the actual eMate PCMCIA single slot
would have been substituted by another 'piece of tech' for the MP i am
working on....i will talk better about it when it will be ready for
testing (it works on CF...)]

The eMate that i bought arrived the last week, but it was pretty new!!!
I do not have the "courage" to break it out, so bought some panels of
plexiglas and started to form them in the way i could include the
things listed below:
  - MP2100
  - Audio I/O
  - serial line
  - AC adapter
  - keyboard
  - everything in one piece -
the result item is similar although a little smaller than an eMate and
incorporate the keyboard
(I took the keyboard out of its case and moved out its serial circuitry
behind the MessagePad)

Notice that all the circuit lines go on the interconnect adapter.
Sonny you are right, it's not so elegant as an eMate, but it runs at
Called it 'NewtPod'.... is made out of a transparent plexiglass panel,
but it's a 'dirty' prototype
( please consider that i am not a plexiglass technician, i am a
wood-worker and i made my own instruments to form hotly the plexiglass
this is why i will not post public photos before the ending of its
estetical revision,sorry.

Now i have a fume' plexiglass panel type (it remember me the old '70)
and as soon i will receive the packages with the new tech pieces (in
example, the bluetooth chips) i will work to make things out
estetically better.

The second prototype it will include a ericsson bluetooth chip, an AC
adapter and some other things - as the first one it will incorporate
everything in only one piece running Newton OS_at_220Mhz -
Hope to have the chance to public the photos of the rev.2 in the next
coming 2005

I am open to hear your ideas and councils about it.
Adriano ^_^

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