Re: [NTLK] MailV lots of mail (was MailV and Longer UserID's)

From: Thomas Isenbarger (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 12:50:05 PST

>> Actually, I think there is an upper limit on the number of messages
>> MailV can handle. My inbox has 700-some-odd messages. I cleaned out
>> the IMAP server down to 100 and things seem to be much happier.
> -------------------
> I think not! I have downloaded in upwards of 1400 emails with no
> issues! =
> took about 45-60 min on Comcast!
> Robert

I have never been able to get more than a few hundred without a hang.
Do you have mail saved internally, to a linear card, or to a CF card
(or something else)?

I am using SimpleMail. Is this the cause of the difference?

Tom Isenbarger

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