Re: [NTLK] Survey/Poll for the Newton People...

From: Neal Sofge (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 11:56:55 PST

What Computer Do you Use you Newton(s) with?
* PowerMac 7600

What OS are you Using?
* Mac OS 8.1

What Newton Are you using
* 2100 (plus one for the wife), eMate

Are you looking for more Newton's
* No

What do you mainly use your Newton for?
* Notes at meetings, calendaring, contact list, outliner (esp. for
complex projects). Used to do a lot of email, but I'm less mobile now
and don't need to anymore.

What would you like to use your Newton for?
* Project management, carrying large amounts of reference data, VNC. I
think one big trouble the Newton always had is that people don't have
enough data to match its capabilities with their problems. So they
used it like a big clunky Palm, and the Palm's pocketability and
connectivity won the war. Which brings me to a suggestion -- with all
the resources we have here, could we start some sort of database that
shows what a Newton can do at a glance? So when someone says "I need
an IMAP email client" we could point them to the available options
rather than lose them to a new Zire 72?


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