Re: [NTLK] Harris Craft Digital Assistant Supertech Newton 2000s on eB

From: Russ Bravo (
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 00:17:09 PST

Thanks, Sonny! Was a bit busy when all these units went, so didn't get
a realistic bid in.

What kind of batteries do they take? I've got plenty of CR 2032 lithium
ones, if that's what you need.

On another issue, I recently bought a Newton collection off one NTLK
list member, and am interested to know any list members' experiences
with - and helpful weblinks for ...

1 A DataRover 840 (Magic Cap) - for which I need a cable and a voltage
converter (the DR is 110v)
2 The Motorola Marco - which I know I won't be able use wirelessly in
the UK, but I'd like to have a play around with anyway. For that, I
need a 12v charger from a mid 90s Motorola mobile, I'm told.

If anyone has any of the needed bits mentioned above, please contact me

Cheers - and a Happy Christmas to all on the list (you can keep your
'Happy Holidays' - it's CHRISTMAS!!)


Russ, UK

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