Re: [NTLK] Reading ebooks from Palm Digital Media

Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 04:43:56 PST

The low-tech (and probably the most time-consuming) method:
  * Make a copy of the original file
  * Change the file extension to '.txt'
  * Open the resulting text file
  * Save file as an .rtf file
  * Open resulting .rtf file with MS Word
  * Edit the document and remove unnecessary hard returns with the
Find/Replace tool
  * Save and close the edited .rtf file
  * Import the improved .rtf file into Newton Press
  * Create Newton eBook

The answer is -- there is no easy answer to your problem. I think that
regardless of what tools and methodologies are employed, you'll still end up with an
.rtf file that will have a hard return at the end of each line, and of
course, you'll need to edit those out of the mix. Lots of fun.

I just started looking into creating eBooks in the popular Microsoft Pocket
PC Reader format. Microsoft makes available a free plug-in that can be
downloaded from their web site. The plug-in works with MS Word. Take a Word document,
hit the 'Pocket Reader' button on the tool bar, and bingo, you get an eBook
suitable for reading on the Pocket PC. It is not a perfect tool, however. Nested
tables will prevent a proper file conversion from happening. Also, once the
eBook is created, there is no way to go back and make editorial changes, other
than going back to the MS Word source document. The result is you don't know
what the eBook will look like on the Pocket PC until it is created. Not as
user-friendly as Newton Press (which, by the way, has its share of problems, too).
There must be specific tools other than the MS Word plug-in for making
eBooks. However, I don't know what those tools are -- yet.

The bottom line: it's still much easier on the eyes to read an eBook on a
Newton than on an MS-based PDA!

Matt K.

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