Re: [NTLK] Reading ebooks from Palm Digital Media

From: karel Jansens (
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 05:57:56 PST wrote:

> The low-tech (and probably the most time-consuming) method:
> * Make a copy of the original file
> * Change the file extension to '.txt'
> * Open the resulting text file
> * Save file as an .rtf file
> * Open resulting .rtf file with MS Word
> * Edit the document and remove unnecessary hard returns with the
> Find/Replace tool
> * Save and close the edited .rtf file
> * Import the improved .rtf file into Newton Press
> * Create Newton eBook

Thanks for the reply, but this trick only works with unencrypted
ebooks. Palm Digital Media books are encrypted and will, using your
method, only show up as gibberish.

Unfortunately, the company only makes readers for PalmOS, Windows, Mac
and PPC. Even UNIX/Linux isn't supported, so the chances of a Newton
port of their reader are, to say the least, slim.

And then they wonder why people keep kracking software and encryption

Karel Jansens

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