[NTLK] increased power consumption of flash card

From: Johannes Wolf (mp2100_at_mail-gw.estec.esa.int)
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 06:11:54 PST

I recently realised that the power consumption of my Newt has drastically
increased up to 150-160 mAmps without backlight.
My first reaction was to remove the two PCMCIA cards I use, one Ethernet
card and the Viking 20MB flash card.
It turned out that the flash card is causing the huge consumption - without
the flash card the consumption goes down to 50-60 mAmps which is normal I
Does that mean this card is a candidate to go to nirvana soon?
I also tried both slots, it is the same behaviour.
I also tried to insert my other flash card, but with that one the power
consumption is fine.
Maybe I am wrong but I think that this occured recently and was not present
from the beginning...
Any thoughts?


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