[NTLK] Subject: FS: Mint 2000U & Lots of Accessories...

From: Newton2100 (newton2100_at_ntlworld.com)
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 07:57:31 PST

I have received a few questions of what I think is a fair price for
such a good unit and the add-ons. These prices are based on what I paid
minus a few pounds. If you don't think they are fair don't make me an
offer and please don't whine to the list. I would prefer a bulk sale
and will ship it anywhere in the world. It really is a mint unit.
I am aware that exchange rates are not favourable to US purchasers so
there is no need to tell me!

Please contact me at the link provided on this page and to view the
items in detail:


All other correspondence will be disregarded and I wont answer via
NewtonTalk. Lets keep the list tidy!

Newton 2000u - Mint condition 125-150
Adapter with international plug heads inc. USA & UK - Mint condition 10
US Keyboard & sleeve - Mint condition 15
Newton Dongle - Mint condition 10
Keyspan Adapter - Mint condition 20
1 X D Link De 660 Ethernet Adapter 5
2 X 20MB Intel PC Cards 10 each
1 X 8MB Centennial PC Card Mint condition 8
1 X 4MB Newton Card 5
1 X 28K Modem Card & Lead - Mint condition 5
1 X CF PC Card Adapter Mint condition 3
1 X Canon CF Card - Mint condition 5
1 X Unused replacement Backlight from Backlight4U 15
2 X PC Card Blanks 4 each
Battery Sleigh Mint condition 20
Rechargeable Internal Battery Holds charge well (with the Newt)
Newton OEM Case Good Condition 8
PDA Concepts Keyboard & Newton Case Mint condition 15
GEM Enterprise Flip Top Case - Mint condition 15
HP 340 Infra Red Printer (with Black Cartridge) 40
Apple Printer Cable 10
Appropriate Connection Cables for Mac/PC & some others! 10
Newton Manual - Mint condition 5
Newton Connection Utils Mac/PC Manuals - Mint condition 5
Diskettes/Brochures/Leaflets relating to Software & Newton (cost of
postage only-so free)
Back Up DVD of all the Software (inc. Codes for Software I bought).

If I got 250 + postage for the lot Id be happy and it would save me
hassle. I accept Paypal for convenience and also Direct Bank Transfers.

The prices above do not include postage.



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