Re: [NTLK] Cheap eMates at eBay

From: Kirk Zathey (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 12:58:53 PST

On 22-Dec-04, at 2:17 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:

> Might I make a suggestion regarding links in this
> group?
> We've been seeing quite a bit of weird character
> interaction with our postings as of late and most
> times, these weird characters don't affect the human
> readability of the body of the text.
> Unfortunatly, URLs are a different matter. If they
> aren't exact, they will fail, and it's almost
> impossible to extract those weird characters from the
> URLs.

Just type the item number 5150493213 into an eBay search engine to get
to the page. The item description is already in English so if you
access it through instead of it will attempt to
translate it, just click view page in original language and you should
be fine. Good luck!

Kirk Zathey

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