[NTLK] Bluetooth phone and Calls integration?

From: Tyler Nichols (smilr_at_mac.com)
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 21:25:03 PST

Okay - I'm seriously considering acquiring a cellphone, if I do I will likely also expand my newton to make use of bluetooth with the phone.

What I would LIKE to have happen is that the phone would make the Newton aware whenever I placed a phone call, or received a phone call - in doing so, the newton would make a new entry in Calls - filling in the number of the caller, and any info gleaned from Names, the phones address book, or caller ID info. This way I could seamlessly use Calls to keep track of who I talked to on the phone and when - and if I needed to take a note down during the call - my newton would have Calls open and waiting for me to write info down.

So my question are these:

Does anyone know of a phone / phone OS that can do this out of the box (forward call info over bluetooth when calls are made / taken)?

I read that the current version of Blunt receives data via the In/Out box - and one must activate a receiving mode to receive data - is there any possibility that something like the above "random initiated from the non-newton device" communications would be eventually supported (always discoverable?)? Would it be a huge drain on batteries to make this work through an always connected serial connection?

Does Calls support such external control, or would it have to be expanded to support this?

Can the newton be powered up from sleep on bluetooth traffic? Or would the newton need to be awake at all times for it to register an incoming call from the phone?

I know these are a lot of questions - but this would be what I consider a "killer-app" for a bluetooth phone and blunt newton.

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