Re: [NTLK] connecting to a pc

Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 06:39:07 PST

Now, I may be wrong, but when I looked over the pin-outs from the Monkey
website I thought the author had made some mistakes. Mostly in the
numbering of pins.

I plan on soldering my own RS-422 cable for use in our server rooms. At
work I manage a big bunch of Sun Microsystems servers, which can be
managed by connecting a dumb terminal to their serial port. Since these
ports come in two variations I plan on building the following:
1. A cable with on one end the RS-422 plug for my eMate and on the other
end an RJ-45 (UTP style) connector. This will fit most of the newer Sun
Fire systems.
2. An RJ-45 to RS-232 dongle which can be placed on the cable so it will
fit all other Sun systems.

Once I'm done with it I'll put up all of the schematics on my website (see


Thomas Sluyter
the Netherlands

Cailin's little den on the web ->

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