[NTLK] Followup on free memory cards

From: Frank Gruendel (fg2_at_pda-soft.de)
Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 12:37:28 PST

Well, well, well...

I am pleased to announce that our little card deals have yielded
9 new WNA members, along with a fair amount of donations
to the WNA and NewtonTalk. Here is the current state of affairs:

Richard Clark: Card was sent
Andrea De Baggis: Card was sent
Gerald Martinez: Card will be sent tomorrow
Matt Kowalczyk: Pending
Jeffrey McMurtrie: Pending
Thomas Sluyter: Pending
Wayne Stewart: Pending
Ben Gergely: Pending
Clare Shepherd: Pending

I just sent mails to all whose deal is pending, so please check your in box
before asking WHY your deal is still pending.

If someone has received a card from me due to a WNA membership who
isn't listed above, please notify me off list. If someone else has
joined recently and wants to claim his card, please notify me off list,

Although Russ and myself are usually taking turns sending the cards, I
will send all for the time being since Russ seems to have dropped off
this planet lately. Looks like a severe case of un-announced Christmas
holidays ;-)

This card thingie has created quite a bit of activity lately, so I will
post the card-related FAQ again tonight. Please do me a favor and read it
(as in "read everything, from top to bottom"). Experience has shown that
this will save heaps of both your and my time. Time is something I have
less and less of these days :-)


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