Re: [NTLK] connecting to a pc

Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 16:11:11 PST

>> 2. An RJ-45 to RS-232 dongle which can be placed on the cable so it
>> will
>> fit all other Sun systems.
>Do you mean RJ-45 to DB25? or DB9? What style of connector? RS-232 is
>not a connector type.
You are, of course, quite right...

I expected that my eMate would use the DIN8 connector for any serial
business, like modems or null-modem connections. But that's become
questionable to me right now.

The thingamabob I would like to hack together would end in an RJ45
connector, with an optional RJ45 to DB25 dongle. The big question for me
right now though is which connector to use on my eMate: the DIN8 one, or
the Interconnect port. If it's the latter I'm going to have to cut up a
perfectly good cable I have lying around (which I admittedly don't have
much use for in its current state anyway).


Thomas Sluyter
the Netherlands

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