Re: [NTLK] connecting to a pc

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 17:03:28 PST

On Dec 26, 2004, at 4:11 PM, wrote:
> The big question for me
> right now though is which connector to use on my eMate: the DIN8 one,
> or
> the Interconnect port. If it's the latter I'm going to have to cut up a
> perfectly good cable I have lying around (which I admittedly don't have
> much use for in its current state anyway).
Definitely, cut an old imagewriter/stylewriter cable in half, and make
one of each...(RJ45 and DB whatever).

That is my recommendation, it's much easier to solder the split cable
then those somewhat little mini 8 heads.


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