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From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 16:57:52 PST

On Dec 26, 2004, at 3:54 PM, paul oberman wrote:
>>> the printer connector says that it is serial. i thought serial was
>>> serial. i know that the RS-422 miniDin8, on the mac can be used for
>>> apple talk or printer and it is a serial.
>>> i have a really new computer and this is the only serial i have. if
>>> this doesn't work, i don't know what to do.
>> <snip> Of course it's still possible
>> I suppose, but MOST unlikely... If it's a male DB-25 (dshaped with 25
>> pins) it's a parallel port.
> it sounds like that is the plug you are describing.
Actually yours is female, but I just went and pulled a cable for a
parallel printer and it's male, so that does look like a parallel port
to me...(My previous gender statement was wrong).

Who knows though? Could be some kind of high tech gizmo like
SCSI/Dallas setup? Be careful what you plug in there, or that could be
it for your machine.

What kind of Motherboard and/or PC make type is it?

> this is a male 25
> pin printer port. the manufacturer describes it as a serial port.
> ??????? hmmmmm. here is what it looks like"
> my guess is that it is a parallel serial port. i don't know it that it
> a conflict of terms or not. i would think not considering a mac serial
> RS-422 miniDin8 jack is also a printer port.
True the mac used serial printers, the PC didn't but could, it was a
special case and not always very successful IME.
> if that is the case, i can buy the adapter, which Woody Smith has and i
> don't need to clog up my usb ports. still need the newton pc
> connection
> cabe, though. anyone have one?

What woody has sounds like a DB25 serial to 9 Pin serial. If the port
on your machine is really a serial port, then you should be good with
that (depending on null modem?).

If the port on you PC is a parallel port though, all bets are off.


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