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Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 22:45:23 PST

Aux environs du 26/12/04 à 21:16 -0800, sous le titre "[NTLK]
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>the error is that my dhcp server is unavailable or unable to configure
>this device.
>i then went in to internet set up and configured the settings, to
>connect to my router, manually. this seems to get me farther in the
>connection process. "all the way to resolving host" the error i get
>then is: no response from your current dns server.

My guess is that your Newton cannot reach the wireless network.
Indeed, if you have an automatic setup, the first thing the Newton
will do is to try to reach the DHCP server and if you have a manual
setup, it will instead directly try to reach the DNS servers to
resolve the name of the host you try to contact.

Check the LEDs of the card. The Lucent has two LEDs, one should be
green, stable (not blinking) to mean that it connected to the
network. Check the WEP settings. Disable WEP on both sides. Double
check the SSID setting.



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