[NTLK] wireless connectivity

From: paul oberman (poberman_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Dec 26 2004 - 21:16:06 PST

hey paul,

i spoke to you earlier regarding something or another. anyway, i am
hoping that maybe you can help me. i am having a hell of time
connecting my newton, with a wireless card, to my network.

i have a wavelan bronze and have installed the following;

Newton Internet Enabler
NIE Ethernet Module
Newton Devices
WaveLan driver

i set up the "internet setup" with the following settings:

        configuration: DHCP Server
        Card: Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE

i have set up a "worksite" titled wireless:

        Dialing prefix : none
        no printer
          802.11b Wavelan setup

                        mode: infrastructure
                        channel 1 (i manually set up my router to broadcast on one)
                        ssid: belkin54g (correct in composition and case)
                        i then set it as "current worksite"

        inernet set up: wireless (the name of my internet setup

working with lunasuite. i get goose eggs.

the error is that my dhcp server is unavailable or unable to configure
this device.

i then went in to internet set up and configured the settings, to
connect to my router, manually. this seems to get me farther in the
connection process. "all the way to resolving host" the error i get
then is: no response from your current dns server.

i know that the information is correct.

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