Re: [NTLK] wireless connectivity

From: Terence Griffin (
Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 07:51:16 PST

  Paul -

  Can you test the card in another device, a laptop or another
  Newton? Did you try it in both slots on the Newton? Do you
  know anyone with a working card that is compatable with the
  WaveLAN driver? The Bronze is not listed at Hiroshi's site,
  But it is listed on the MoreWiFi site. Maybe you need MoreWiFI:

  Or maybe you have a bad card.

  Hope that helps!

> After installing the NIE Ethernet Support, does it show up
> in the Extras draw?

  I can handle this question...oh...wait. This is my question :)

  I reinstalled the ethernet module last night without the memory
  card. It showed up in Extras. I had forgotten that I set to
  install new packages on the card. I also clicked through the
  message that the package needed to be installed on internal

  Now when I tap Connect, the card appear to be seaching/waiting
  for a signal, but than times out with a error -60088, DHCP
  request failed. That's either because it couldn't find the
  signal (it should have) or I don't have the SSID set correctly.

  - Tere (

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