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From: David Neale (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 11:51:35 PST

I seem to remember trying FilePad during my search for a suitable DB
tool for Newton. As far as I can remember, there were problems with
large text fields -- they couldn't easily be scrolled or viewed in one
way or another. Otherwise, FilePad was very promising, as was another
DB I tried -- the name escapes me; the development of the latter was,
sadly, not completed and the developer was so disillusioned with the
Newt community that he had no plans to continue (I might still have the
original download on my iBook, if anyone's interested). eBase is very
limited compared to these two.


On 27 Dec, 2004, at 17:15, Dan wrote:

> David Neale wrote:
>> But isn't Leverage a commercial product? I've been trying to find a
>> good, simple database for Newton for some time, but have only come
>> across fairly expensive ones (Leverage lists at $139), ones whose
>> developers can no longer be located, and others that tend to give
>> errors.
>> If Leverage is now available, I'd lke to know what others find of it.
> I *think* it is still commercial. At least I have never heard of the
> author releasing it. Now weather or not it is still sold, that is
> another matter. One good simple database is FilePad, yet can be
> complex
> if you want. Another one is ebase which is a exetension of NewtWorks.
> Filepad is nice in that you export your data, unfornitually the the
> windows receving program has been lost. But if you have a Mac you are
> in luck as that version is still around.
> Ebase can also export data, but it can only do it in its own format
> rather than something that can be ported to vairous other database
> programs.
> I would suggest checking out both, they are are on UNNA and free. And
> if anyone has the Filepad Windows connection program, please get in
> touch with me. Thanks!
> -Dan

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