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Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 06:58:28 PST

I've only started in the Newton community, and am still trying to figure out how best to integrate it into my world. My main brain is a Sony Clie TJ-37 (which I got for the wifi).

The progression of my PDA is as follows: REX, Psion Series V, Sharp Velo 500 (WinCE), Palm Vx, MobilePro 770, Clie T665, and now, the TJ-37. (With an MP100, 130, 2000u (on its way - thanks, Robin), and non-functioning emates sitting here for me to try to figure out how best to use them.)

My point is I've had to move my data from a variety of platforms, and it is a pain in the butt. While, like Joel, I wish that I never had to sync my contacts, the death knell of two Psions at critical times, steered me to more standards-centric solutions that would sync easily. Joel, when your little green friend does die, you may think differently about wishing you had synced (sunk?).

As I said, I'm still new, so maybe the solutions are out there, but if anyone could ease the syncing issues I've seen on the PC side of things, it would be a boon to those of us who WANT their newton to be useful as a data repository. Surely with as much programming knowledge out there as has been demonstrated here, someone could consider turning their attention to a new PC sync option? Consider it a challenge for 2005 . . .

Thanks to all in this very supportive group. Here's wishing for a peaceful new year.


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<snip>What you say makes me think that pressure to leave . . . will probably come down to your need for data
entry and editing.
I also elected to keep some of my data (like contacts) only on the Newt and I never sync (or wish to).

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