Re: [NTLK] End of My Newton Era

From: Ronnie Simon (
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 08:59:33 PST

              My solution to managing my contacts in the Windows PC
environment is to use:
1) Low effort - NCU and Lotus Organiser 2.1
2) Some effort - Outlook and Lookout
3) More effort - Lotus Notes, PDASync 3, Outlook and Lookout (I use this
for corporate information sharing)

The best structure for holding contacts information is the Newton !!

his means that maintaining your master contacts on the Newton with vcard
format as the backup format to maintain device portability appears to be
the best strategy. I believe Joel has ultimately the best strategy for
directly editing and working with contact information.

I hope this helps.

                    Ronnie Simon

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