Re: [NTLK] WFT palm with IR

From: Richard Clark (
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 10:14:00 PST

LOL unfortunately i am in Italy not seattle and here even if i found a
broken one they would want double the price of one new :D and i just
need the damn thing to run a program to take off the region blocking on
my dvd player because i can't watch half of my movies that i have from
when i lived in the states.


On 28 Dec 2004, at 7:07 PM, Martin Joseph wrote:

> I would just start looking in drawers and at doors that are propped
> open(ie doorstop).... I am sure you'lll come across one soon.
> I know at least three here in seattle that have never been used.
> Marty
Richard Clark

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