[NTLK] Connection via TCP/IP

From: Klaus-Peter Dorn (PitDorn_at_t-online.de)
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 09:11:53 PST


i'm a Newbie from germany.

I'll want to connect my Newton via TCP/IP (NewtSync) with my PB (ALU).

What kind of preferences have i to make on the newton, and what kind of
preferences have i to insert in the network preferences on my

The following soft - and hardware is installed:

On the newton:
The specific driver for my 3Com...card

On my PB:
Mac OS X 10.3.7

Thanks for your help, Pit

PS: You can contact me directly over my mailadress or my AIM:
behappygetfun - it's urgent:-)

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