Re: [NTLK] New Newton User!

From: Kirk Zathey (
Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 03:39:51 PST

> 1 - I obviously need a USB to mini Din-8 serial adapter. Keyspan makes
> a USB Twin Serial Adapter (Part # USA-28X). Does anyone have =
> with this working well in OS X?
> 2 - I'm using a Dual processor G5 running 10.3.7 for my desktop
> machine. I guess I need NCU to connect the Newton to my desktop, but =
> looks like I have to run NCU under Classic. Is this right? Is there an
> OS X solution.

If you are using an ethernet or WiFi card, you should be able to=20
connect to your personal computer through AppleTalk using NCU in=20
Classic under Mac OS X.

> 4 - Finally (for now!), I've read somewhere that my Wifi card will not
> directly connect to an Airport Base Station, but must connect to a =
> enabled machine that has been set up as a software base station. Is
> that correct?

I believe that was true with an older expensive driver. Hiroshi's=20
WaveLAN driver though ($10) allows full access to airport base=20
stations, and works with WEP if you use it, a feature not even fully=20
supported in Windows XP, but us Apple users don't care.

> I realize I'm asking some real newbie questions here, but if anyone =
> help me with my specific questions it would be much appreciated. =
> yet, maybe someone can point me to a resource that might help me with
> some basic "getting started" information.

It is great to see new users and everyone is willing to help. Some=20
places to get started are:

1 - United Network of Newton Archives -
(maintained by Victor Rehorst)

2 - NewtonTalk (add your location to our newton user map) -=20 (maintained by Victor Rehorst)

3 - Newton Resources - and Newton FAQ -=20 (maintained by Victor Rehorst)

4 - PDA-Soft - (maintained by Frank Gruendel)

5 - This Old Newt - (maintained by Rich)

6 - Worldwide Newton Association -

7 - and you might want to also check out Mad Max MP3 Player -=20 (maintained my Eckhart K=F6ppen) and=20
Newtendo (play NES games on your newton, view a demo video there, just=20=

beware it is encoded in a bad quality proprietary codec that is=20
supported on maybe one player) -
(maintained by Eagan Rackley)

That should keep you quite busy. Also be sure to check out the=20
WikiWikiNewt - and also take a look=20=

at Newtonlust - which=20
has many great images of what can be done with Newton. Welcome to the=20

Kirk Zathey=

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