[NTLK] New Newton User!

From: Vaughn Corden (vaughn_at_corden.com)
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 10:58:19 PST


After a long time of wanting a Newton, I finally purchased a MessagePad
2100. I also purchased a WaveLAN Turbo Bronze Wifi card and a 32MB card
that the supplier filled up with software for me. The supplier also
installed for me a "Dongle Destroyer" that allows me to directly
connect a mini Din-8 Mac serial cable. I'm scouring the Web for
resources and finding lots of great information, but I have some basic
initial questions.

1 - I obviously need a USB to mini Din-8 serial adapter. Keyspan makes
a USB Twin Serial Adapter (Part # USA-28X). Does anyone have experience
with this working well in OS X?

2 - I'm using a Dual processor G5 running 10.3.7 for my desktop
machine. I guess I need NCU to connect the Newton to my desktop, but it
looks like I have to run NCU under Classic. Is this right? Is there an
OS X solution.

3 - I use Now Up to Date & Contact for my contacts and calendaring. Is
there an OS X solution to sync this with my Newton?

4 - Finally (for now!), I've read somewhere that my Wifi card will not
directly connect to an Airport Base Station, but must connect to a wifi
enabled machine that has been set up as a software base station. Is
that correct?

I realize I'm asking some real newbie questions here, but if anyone can
help me with my specific questions it would be much appreciated. Better
yet, maybe someone can point me to a resource that might help me with
some basic "getting started" information. One area thats got me a
little stumped is how to access all the software that I think is
installed on my Newton. I see a bunch of stuff in my In/Out box and I'm
trying to use the "Put Away" command, but I'm getting errors on a lot
of them and direction to file them internally first. Some basic source
info would help me to understand what's going on here.

Thanks, everyone! You can always reply to me directly at
vaughn_at_corden.com. Just put Newton somewhere in the subject line.

- Vaughn Corden

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