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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 01:02:35 PST

On Dec 28, 2004, at 7:58 PM, Vaughn Corden wrote:

> 1 - I obviously need a USB to mini Din-8 serial adapter. Keyspan makes
> a USB Twin Serial Adapter (Part # USA-28X). Does anyone have experience
> with this working well in OS X?
> 2 - I'm using a Dual processor G5 running 10.3.7 for my desktop
> machine. I guess I need NCU to connect the Newton to my desktop, but it
> looks like I have to run NCU under Classic. Is this right? Is there an
> OS X solution.

The problem with using the Keyspan adapter seems to be that if you
install the drivers for X, it doesn't work in Classic any more--there's
some sort of conflict between the two. I hope someone can correct me if
I'm wrong, so make sure before you go and install drivers for this
thing, as to which version you wish to install and use.

> 3 - I use Now Up to Date & Contact for my contacts and calendaring. Is
> there an OS X solution to sync this with my Newton?
You can use Now Sync to sync up to Now version 3.9 but not version 4
and above. What I do is sync to my Address Book, and use Now's software
to sync between Address Book and Now, and use NewtSync to sync to my
Newton. That seems to be working fine. To state in other words, I use
the Apple Address Book as my hub and sync Now and the Newton off of it.

You might find you are better off using Ethernet to do your
syncing/backing up. In that case, just install the drivers for Classic
and NCU. Use NCU to install software on your Newton to enable ethernet,
and also to back up your Newton, and use the wireless or Ethernet for
OS X. This is what I do/did, and would recommend this as the way to go
for your Keyspan adapter/NCU usage. HTH.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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