Re: [NTLK] a few quick questions

Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 07:35:43 PST

Hello Ben,
It's a cool idea, and one that would certainly be useful for listening to
voice memo notes, etc. Unfortunately, the early MPs can't currently handle
'MadMax' music file playback (My own experiments suggest that only the MP 2100 is
capable of playing music files; other Newton models are limited to playback of
voice memo notes and those silly Mod files).

I encourage you to go forward with your hardware hacking plans. We need to
see more innovation at every level of the Newton platform, and your idea will
certainly enhance the usability of earlier model Newtons.

I'm wondering if a microphone/line input capability, in conjunction with a
long-playing voice memo record software setup, would allow one to feed audio
into the Newton for playback? Sure, the quality would not be so great, but it's
only one speaker anyway. Good enough to listen to at your desk while writing.
Anybody try this route?

Good luck, Ben! Please keep us informed of your progress.

Warmest regards,

Matt K.

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