Re: [NTLK] Lucent Bronze cards

From: Clayton Mitchell (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 08:17:20 PST

Craig Smith wrote:

>I have a Lucent Bronze Turbo Card. After" bragging" how flawlessly it
>worked my graphite Air Port died. I replaced it with a new Air Port
>Express and guess what. The Bronze Card no longer works. Before I was
>connecting with DHCP. The bronze card won't even get on the internet
>with the DHCP. I switched to manual, and manually entered DNS settings.
>Now it gets onto the internet but then gives me an error message saying
>that it is unable to find the host server. There is a reference on
>Hiroshi's website to having tested his driver with Airport Express and
>having mixed results. The whole point is the problem may have a lot to
>do with the base station and less to do with the card.
>Craig Smith
I too have an express base station and was experiencing the same results
as you described. I have sent my card to Martin Joseph so he could test
it. Sense this is the only card I have had (the bronze not turbo) I had
no way to tell if it was the base station or the card or both. I set my
station to 802.11b only and removed all security (no dice). I also
tested it with Escale by trying to connect to my iBook (with airport
extreme) with the same results. It may be that the card works with
older 802.11b only hardware but fails miserably with 802.11a/g
hardware. Hopefully after martin tests my card we will have some
definitive results.

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