Re: [NTLK] Newton users in the UK?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 18:07:01 EDT

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my question about the Newton
users in the UK.
I have received an email about the London and South East Region (LASER)
Newton Users Group which is great.
However, having taken Victor's advice and looked at the map

I notice there seems to be only about 25 users shown across the entire UK?

For me this raises at least six possibilities:

1) The scene on this side of the Atlantic is almost extinct (however
this List and Ebay is testimony to that not being the case).
2) The British stiff upper lip and island mentality i.e. fear of
invasion, means that people are reluctant to sign up to the map.
3) We British are just less nerdy than our North American counterparts
and don't dig the Newt as much (only kidding about nerdy!)
4) We British are covertly interested in the Newt but are worried about
having to declare this interest when we become Prime Minister. The
public inquiry which would follow may result in the interrogation of
this List and revelations about our personal thoughts being brought into
the public domain, as Victor warns! Therefore less is more.
5) As a result of intensive TV home improvement shows, British wives
(sweeping generalisation)are putting extra pressure on the menfolk to be
spending their spare time with more 'productive' enterprise.

Hey you! the British - What about a concerted effort to place your name
on the map so we can start to see whose about and start networking?

All the best

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