Re: [NTLK] Jaggies make me sad - my fix

From: toby <>
Date: Thu May 04 2006 - 18:07:32 EDT

Jon Glass schreef:

> On 5/4/06, Karel Jansens <> wrote:
>> The snag? I can only use that Newton in landscape mode.
> Have you tried rotating it 180 degrees to see if it works that
> way? :-)

I had the jaggies approximately in the upper right 1/4 of the screen
(near the routing button). After cleaning out the edge with a
business card, which made no difference, I had a hunch and left a
small piece of paper under the edge, with a folded tab so I could
pull it out without opening the case.

Result = jaggies gone :-)

This has worked for the last 3 or so months. Mind you somebody did
ask why I had a bit of paper shoved under that edge as the paper is
blue and somewhat visible :-) Oh well, that fix gave me back my 2100
without jaggies and took less than 1 minute. The paper tab is folded
back to it does not cover any of the screen so I've got the full use
of the screen. I'm assuming something *is* jammed under the edge and
I' wedging the case edge away from it. Or maybe I'm tightening the
connection for the digitizer? Is it in that corner?


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