[NTLK] strange thing in july 2009?

From: simon <simski_at_dds.nl>
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 16:51:17 EDT

hello all,

i've come acros a strange phenomena with my upgraded 2000.

have a birhtday reminder in dates somewhere. (mine's 14-07)
set the date to 21-07-2009

my machine gives a torrent of birthday reminders. it never stops.
clicking away the reminders doesn't help. new ones come up 2 times a
second. machine becomes unworkable. (not to mention the noise of the

if you want to check it yourself take care to do the following to get
out of the mess:

go to landscape modus
open up de clock and put it in the left down corner so you can acces
the set date/time button whilst a birthday reminder pops up in the
middle of your screen.
set the date to somwhere after 21-07-2009 and leave the clock open.

what happens? am i the only one with this problem, or are we doomed in
summer 2009?

met vriendelijke groet
Simon Claessen
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