[NTLK] New member, have a few questions

From: Jason Boyer <jasonandrewboyer_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 16:49:37 EDT

Greetings Everyone,

I've been a big fan of vintage PDA's for sometime (Psion, Palm Pilot
1000, REX, et al). Being a Mac user since 2003, however, I've never
used a MessagePad of any type, although I did have some experience
with an eMate in high school. I've decided to dive in and find
myself one to play with. I know enough to want either a 2000 or
2100, but I've got a few questions for everyone.

1. I want sync with Address book and iCal 2 in Tiger. I know about
Newtsync, and it appears to be a solution, but what are your real
world experiences? What is the best protocol to use (i.e., modem,
ethernet, serial)? Is it something that really works?

2. Everyone seems to want a wireless card for their MP. Should I
want one too? I have a Powerbook, so I've already got a mobile
internet solution of sorts. What is so cool about having wireless on
a MP, and is it hard to setup? Can I put wireless in either a 2000
or 2100?

3. Are there ways to install packages and files from OS X using
Newtsync? I don't use Classic, and I don't want to in order to get
stuff like that working. How easy is all that to mess with?

4. Is there anyone out there with a MP 2000 or 2100 package they are
selling? I'm in the market (obviously), and would love to hear from
you. I'd rather buy from an experienced Newton user on this board
then from someone on ebay.

Thanks everyone!


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