Re: [NTLK] New member, have a few questions

From: Steven Frank <>
Date: Mon May 08 2006 - 13:39:19 EDT

Jason Boyer wrote:
> 1. I want sync with Address book and iCal 2 in Tiger. I know about
> Newtsync, and it appears to be a solution, but what are your real
> world experiences? What is the best protocol to use (i.e., modem,
> ethernet, serial)? Is it something that really works?
NewtSync "kind of" works. If you go to the list archives and go back a
few weeks, you will see some messages from me about NewtSync when I took
a look at the code to see if I could help with it's development.
Although it generally does do what it claims to, there are some
significant limitations that you should be aware of if syncing is a
"must have" feature for you. Don't get me wrong, the developers have
done a phenomenal job, but it is not as robust as legacy syncing
solutions right now.
> 2. Everyone seems to want a wireless card for their MP. Should I
> want one too? I have a Powerbook, so I've already got a mobile
> internet solution of sorts. What is so cool about having wireless on
> a MP, and is it hard to setup? Can I put wireless in either a 2000
> or 2100?
It is not too hard to set up, and as others have said, the 2100 is much
better suited to the task. It's cool to have for the same reasons it's
cool to have wireless on any computer.

You should be aware though that Wi-Fi on the Newton works a bit
differently than on a PowerBook. For example, you might connect,
retrieve email, then disconnect. You generally DON'T stay connected,
browsing and doing stuff for an extended period of time. Although maybe
that's different for the folks with rebuilt, high-capacity batteries. :)

Web browsing is not entirely like it is on the desktop either. If find
it helpful to keep in mind that these devices are a decade (or more) old
and approach it from the perspective that it's kind of amazing that it
works at all. :)
> 3. Are there ways to install packages and files from OS X using
> Newtsync? I don't use Classic, and I don't want to in order to get
> stuff like that working. How easy is all that to mess with?
NewtSync doesn't install packages. NewTen can install packages without
Classic, but requires a serial connection. Delivery / Escale let you
install packages over TCP/IP or other types of connections.

Good luck,


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