Re: [NTLK] big newton books

From: Dan <>
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 20:05:03 EDT

On 5/5/2006 8:01 PM, edward mccaughan wrote:

> When I transfer them I either get an out of memory error (usually
> curable by restarting and trying again) or a ridiculously helpful "item
> could not be put away".

Well sometimes you can fix this by freezing unneeded packages then

> I think that last one may be because the internal store doesn't have
> enough room on it. does anyone know how to make InOut put items away to
> a card?

Go into extras, tap card, tap the check box for "save new data on card"
for the card you want the data to be stored on.
> bearing in mind these files end up as 1mb odd newtonbooks, so its not
> surprising it chokes on them. Does anyone have any advice for dealing
> with big books? (I find splitting them up into 3 helps a bit, but is a
> little fugly)

Well that is not very big actually and I have went larger still without
any problems. Keep in mind that the Newt will compress the book when it
is installed and should reduce it about half when installed.
> oh, and for details sake, this is over bluetooth with blunt and ic/vc etc.

Ah yes that can be the problem. That will take a lot of heap compared
to a old serial connection. I would try going the serial route if you
can't get it to go with bluetooth with unneeded package frozen.
> now I've got to go find out whats taking up 3.5mb of the internal store
> when there only seems to be about 2mb of packages...

Probably data. If you go into extras, then go to storage folder and hit
the "belly button" and it will tell you how much storage each soup
takes. You can tap each one to find out more details (how much is
internal and how much is external etc).


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