Re: [NTLK] Why I don't buy from Knowledge Navigator (Example #3)

From: Adam Goddard <>
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 22:41:49 EDT

Buy the un-tabbed batteries and get the industrial place to spot weld
them in the 2 by 2 flat design that MP2x00 and eMate battery packs use,
and get them to put a polytemp of 1.5A or 2A at the back end of the
battery. Will save you mucking around trying to solder the annoying
tabs together, saves space(essential in the MP2x00 pack) and is a more
robust, professional design. I'm designing a Lithium battery pack for
the MP2x00. Two 3.6V cells, an inbuilt charger and low drop 5V
regulator. It has to have an external charger(ie, can't be charged off
the normal adapter) with 10-15V(12V nominal). I just want to have a
different battery technology. :D

   - Adam Goddard

> Yep, I definitely want to find a source for industrial (solder tabbed?)
> NiMH's.

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